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McQueen Targets has been designing, creating, printing and supplying targets for recreational or specialised training purposes since the 1880’s. That long history along with the specialism of supply chain management has ensured that McQueen Targets is one of the most well known brands in the supply of paper targets throughout the UK and beyond.

That history has positioned McQueen Targets with the copyright and printing rights of some of the most famous target images that people know and love today. Despite the long history McQueen Targets is constantly looking at improving our paper product range for all shooters whether they be civilian, Police or Military so that today’s modern expectations are met by all.

McQueen Targets is also proud to introduce new products outwith the paper range and targets are now available in 3D foam format, steel/aluminium along with development in Thermal and Taser.

This dedication to service and innovation will continue to ensure McQueen Targets will be at the forefront of supplying exciting, reliable and cost competitive targets to shooters of all disciplines.

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