Threat Assessment

Foam Humanoid & PropsFoam Humanoid & Props

Foam Humanoid & Props



For over 120 Years McQueen Targets have been making and supplying targets for the Civilian and Defence markets. Throughout these years McQueen Targets has worked tirelessly with a multitude of National and International organizations to bring the best products and training aids to the market to suit the needs of all, from novice beginners to elite Special Forces.

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Humanoid Close UpHumanoid Close Up

Humanoid Close Up

Interchangeable Foam HeadInterchangeable Foam Head

Interchangeable Foam Head

Knife PropKnife Prop

Knife Prop

Machine Gun PropMachine Gun Prop

Machine Gun Prop

Pistol PropPistol Prop

Pistol Prop

Props for Foam HumanoidProps for Foam Humanoid

Props for Foam Humanoid

Machine Gun PropMachine Gun Prop

Machine Gun Prop

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