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McQueen Targets has been an innovative partner and official supplier to the NSRA, NRA and various individual shooting Clubs for over 100 years. Our vast experience has helped each organisation expand their range of targets used for pistol or rifle disciplines in competitions and for leisure to achieve maximum satisfaction in their shooting needs.

McQueen Targets’ product knowledge from finding the right raw materials through to the quality of the print image has helped us maintain a leading edge in the supply of paper targets throughout the shooting world.


McQueen Targets has worked with the UK Military teams for over 60 years and still supplies to this day one of the most visually famous targets in the world – the Fig 11/59. Despite new technologies being introduced all the time McQueen Targets is able to keep the pace with new weapons and new demands placed on the paper target. New designs with unique scoring zones are created in discussion with the various authorities to ensure that training objectives are fully met.


With a constantly changing world the training requirements for today’s Police forces is an ever evolving situation. McQueen Targets works closely with all the various Forces to understand their particular needs to invent new targets to train today’s officers at the front line. Old favourites such as the Fig 11 ‘Elvis’ are still however in big demand.

Threat Assessment

McQueen Targets supply paper targets for the improvement of the individual whether it be in scoring accuracy or in the reaction to situations that an officer/soldier may be faced with. The current 8000 series allows for different shoot/no shoot scenarios to be created by the range officer or firearms instructor. This ensures that all trainees whether they are new or experienced to react to what they visually see and not what they think they see. McQueen Targets unique overlay solution provides a high quality, low cost, interchangeable training aid.


A unique feature to enhance the shoot /no shoot training scenario is the introduction of our 3D foam humanoid dummies which are now being used internationally by various specialised units. The dummies are designed to absorb thousands of rounds of 5mm – 9mm calibre so are durable for a long period (small repairs can also be carried out on them). They come with interchangeable features which include heads and arms and can come in various appearances. The hands are capable of gripping items like other foam weapon accessories to make the situation even more realistic.


Spotting Discs, Patches and Danger Flags.