Supply Chain Management

McQueen Targets can manage 3rd party vendors on your behalf and the benefits include:

  • Micro-management of your vendors allowing you to concentrate on core business.
  • Placing purchase orders directly with your vendors, whilst working within agreed ordering parameters and pricing.
  • Managing the day-to-day vendor relationship; assuring on-time delivery and quality.
  • Reporting vendor performance back to the client.

Procurement Services

McQueen Targets can also procure goods on your behalf:

  • Components outwith our normal product range can be purchased to your specifications from our approved vendors, ensuring consistent levels of quality and service at competitive prices.
  • Better pricing due to better economies of scale.

Third Party Services

McQueen Targets always partners with vendors that deliver services which complement and enhance our own. This enables us to offer our clients a broader service offering over a wider geographical spread resulting in shorter delivery times and competitive pricing.

Our team of experienced vendor managers regularly conduct performance reviews and cost benchmarking exercises to ensure our partners and third parties consistently meet our high standards of quality and service.