Over 100 years ago, a Sergeant-at-Arms in the local volunteer force of the Scottish Borders asked John Stirling McQueen, of printing company McQueen, to produce a penetrable target for the Michaelmas shoot.  Today, the multinational company, Sykes Enterprises Inc, produces almost 20 million targets a year, for over 30 countries, under the auspices of ‘Sykes Enterprises Inc, McQueen Target Division’.  Despite its global presence, Sykes is fiercely proud of the role it plays in the safety, protection and training of the British armed services, through its renowned McQueen Target Division.

Founding Notice 1845

Our Oldest Target

John Stirling McQueen

Sykes was founded in 1977 and is comprised of a group of companies which, as a whole, offers clients a comprehensive business outsourcing service in areas such as customer care, supply chain management, warehousing, manufacturing and order fulfilment.  Sykes’ numerous, enviable clients include household names from amongst the Fortune 500 companies.  Clients of the McQueen Target Division are the British Police, Army, Navy, The RAF Regiment, the Special Forces and other security agencies, as well as a host of other international organisations.  Its reputation in targets is renowned throughout the industry but it was, in fact, another aspect of McQueen’s business which initially interested Sykes when it made its approach in the late 1990’s.


Catalogue c1960

Channel St Shop Front c1950

Guillotining Targets

“Historically, McQueen was essentially a printing and fulfilment company”, explains David Liddle, Operations Director at Sykes.  “It had contracts with several US software manufacturers to print their documentation, assemble their component parts and distribute them on a pan European basis.  From there, services increased to include call centre support for various customers.  It was this area of its business which initially attracted us as we were looking for new call centres, in varying geographies, to complement our other services. However, it wasn’t long before we saw the enormous achievements this specialised division had made, and was continuing to make, in the world of targets.”

Since the change in UK arms laws, and the resulting restrictions in private ownership of guns, almost all of McQueen’s UK business is carried out with the military and police services.  Thorough checks are made on all other individuals or organisations attempting to buy targets.  Every target is designed in consultation with the client, regarding their weapon type, firing distance and training requirements.

Catalogue c1980s

Catalogue c1980s

Catalogue c1980s