Over 100 years ago, a Sergeant-at-Arms in the local volunteer force of the Scottish Borders asked John Stirling McQueen, of printing company McQueen, to produce a penetrable target for the Michaelmas shoot so that “shooters could determine how accurate they were”. This was the first instance of paper targets being used in the UK. Today, McQueen Targets, produces almost 20 million targets a year, supplying to over 30 countries. McQueen Targets is proud of the role it plays in the safety, protection and training of the British armed services, through its renowned McQueen Target Division.

Clients of the Targetry Division are the British Police, Army, Navy, The RAF Regiment, the Special Forces and other security agencies, as well as a host of other international organisations, and its reputation in targets is renowned throughout the industry.

As well as the historical paper targets for which new designs are made constantly to meet new training techniques , further new targets have been created on various substances including plastic and metal and in more recent times foam as part of our 3 – dimensional range. Every target is designed in consultation with the client, regarding their weapon type, firing distance and training requirements.

Since the change in UK arms laws, and the resulting restrictions in private ownership of guns, almost all of McQueen’s UK business is carried out with the military, police services and registered gun/rifle clubs. Thorough checks are made on all other individuals or organisations attempting to buy targets.